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По умолчанию Rules and administration of game server Battlefield2 IgroNET

Game rules in Battlefield 2 on server IgroNet

Ignorance or misunderstanding of rules does not relieve from responsibility for their non-observance.

As our server works in mode Co-op (co-operative), we ask players to adhere to balance of the parties (people - against bots)

In a case if the request given above is not observed, the administration has the right to regulate balance compulsorily

It is forbidden:

  1. Use of obscene lexicon, both in a game chat, and in vocal dialogue.
  2. Use of cheats (comments are unnecessary); For use of cheats punishment - blocking on IP for ever
  3. Any display of racist spirits (comments are unnecessary)
  4. Murder of players of the command for technics and arms any kinds used in game (comments are unnecessary); Punishment the first time - a kick from a server at repetition blocking for 5 days, at the subsequent murders blocking on IP for ever
  5. Provocation - provocative actions of one player against another, capable to create a conflict situation (including murder of members of the command)
  6. Technics throwing on passes and runways (disturb to launch of planes and journey of other technics) if the given obstacle is not created deliberately for creation of an obstacle to the opponent;
  7. To advertise in a chat the goods, services, sites etc.
  8. To use the names containing obscene words, and also offending other players.
  9. Deliberate destruction and damage of technics of the command
  10. Technics, the aircraft, transport etc. do not belong particularly to anybody in this connection it is not recommended to appropriate something to itself and in every possible way to limit the rights of other people in game.
  11. Being in a post of the Commander to conduct active operations
  12. Categorically it is forbidden to use helicopters as a motionless weapon emplacement
  13. Drop machines on roofs, and other structures - for the purpose of transformation of transport into a motionless weapon emplacement, blocking supplays and technics of passes and ladder apertures etc.
  14. Prefix addition [IGRO] to a name without the coordination with server administration
  15. Use by the player (players) of errors and game defects, and also the foreign software and-or updating of the game client for the purpose of reception of points or advantage over other players.
  16. The introduction into arrangement to players of the command for reception of certain advantages before other players. (For example a deliberate kick of other players on preliminary arrangement)
  17. Concerning fights for planes and helicopters in a command. If someone already costs on a runway and waits for plane/helicopter occurrence it is not necessary to go there, trying to take hold of technics before it. Especially, it is not necessary to bring matters to murder of the player from the command. Who the first has come, that and will depart.
  18. Realisation of the actions which are not concerning the purposes game, - periodic realisation by the player of actions, in any way untied with the purposes of game which can be characterised as action in which result time is simply wasted: unjustified suicides, aimless in structures and shooting on them, other that it is possible to characterise hit, as evasion of the player from performance of the command task or murder of players of the opponent.
  19. To players regularly showing UNREASONABLE complaints sanctions to the discretion of administration can be applied.
Addition to Point 18:
Actions not concerning the game and to game process in particular, and as infringements in a kind:
завладение technics for aimless actions, завладение technics leading to infringement of game process (senseless selection of technics by the single at normal group, a member of group) to sit in the aircraft technician without flying up, the finding on a post of the commander + flights by the plane, will be punished now by blocking - for a period of 3 days. If after blocking the player continues infringement that it receives blocking is permanent.
The note! The given punishment will be applied in a case if the player repeatedly broke the given rules in a current of all time on a card, or under the constructive and distinct complaint of players from one command.

The rights of the manager of a server.

According to existing rules of a server, the manager has the right:
1. To remove players from a server once – a kick.
2. To forbid access of the player to a server during some time or it (blocking) is constant. Managers on the discretion do of definition of words.
3. To use accessible interactive limiting services for regulation of process of game (the channel of sound transfer, a chat of game, the program of remote administration)

The rights of the player.

1. The player has the right to demand to itself observance of the given rules outside of other players.
2. The player has the right to address in case of need to the manager.
3. To complain of actions of other player in a theme «contradictions between players».
It is necessary to define:
- Play the name
- An exact times
- Short essence of the complaint, with situation instructions (with game pictures).

Server administration:

ICQ - 550156328

Game admins:



In end I wish to tell be polite and respect fighters of the command.

The server administration reserves the right to itself to supplement and change the given rules.


Managers perform work on order maintenance on a server and bear responsibility cargo. Therefore it it is necessary to understand and consider the following comments to rules:

1. The administrator can actually be not right, but is right formally (that is you for example, have sworn in a game situation, and the finished administrator has taken advantage). The administrator in this case hardly will punish, do not complain.

2. The administrator can formally be not right, but the rights actually (for example, the person constantly behaves disrespectfully, but for frameworks does not leave or thinks that does not leave). The administrator in this case will scold, but will punish too hardly. Itself has run.

3. Only if it is not right and formally and as a matter of fact it will punish.

4. At all do not provoke administrators, be not pinned over their game. Do not try to compel to break the administrator of a rule - will punish more likely you, instead of it. Do not threaten administrators (including deprivation of the rights) after that the administrator it will be formal the rights in everything. In general communicate with them only on business...

5. To argue with the administrator - all the same that against a wind... To spit. If both parties are equally right, more right the administrator is considered.

6. The administrator can be mistaken, for example, to mix number (IP/PID) the player at a kick/blocking

It does not need to be perceived as the reduced variant extolled by some players corrected:
1. The manager is always right.
2. If the manager is not right, point 1 see.
Simply concern more attentively itself and other players, rudeness and insults do not do to you honour.

Having connected to server BF2 IgroNet, the Player automatically agrees with all rules of a server.

Их принципы, их кодекс - всего лишь слова, забываемые при первой опасности. Они такие, какими мир позволяет им быть.

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